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Do penis pumps work? + Bathmate Review

do penis pumps really workPenis pumps consist of an acrylic plastic tube in which the penis is inserted, a circular band – which is placed at the base of the penis – and the pump itself, which can be operated manually or by means of an electric battery. As air is removed from the inside of the tube, blood flow increases. Penis pumps can be used to alleviate erectile dysfunction and as preliminary training for penis enlargement exercises.

How do penile pumps work?

The penis must first be placed inside the tube. Extraction of the air inside the tube is then activated manually or automatically, creating a vacuum. This vacuum causes increased blood flow to the penis resulting in an erection. Once the penis is erect, with the help of lubricant, we can place a ring at the base of the penis to retain blood.

Overweight men may have some difficulty using penile pumps. In order for the pump to function properly an absolute vacuum must be created and the lower part -in contact with the pubis- must be well sealed. If you are overweight, pubic fat may make it difficult to properly position the pump.

In order to seal the tube well and create the proper vacuum necessary, the pubic area must be shaved or depilated (free of hair).

¿Who can use a penis pump?

Penis pumps are an option for men who:

  • perform penis enlargement exercises such as jelqings and/or want to increase blood flow.
  • have poor blood flow to the penis.
  • are diabetic.
  • have had a prostate operation (They can use the penis pump 4-5 times daily to increase blood flow).
  • have undergone a colon cancer operation.
  • suffer from anxiety or depression.
  • suffer from erectile dysfunction (although this use has declined due to the appearance of medication for impotence).
  • have a micropenis and want to increase their size temporarily to have sex.

Penis pumps should NOT be used in these cases:

  • You are taking drugs that increase the risk of bleeding such as warfarin, clopidogrel, and some pain relievers (including aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen).
  • You suffer from anemia or any other blood disorder.
  • You suffer from a congenital disease which causes bleeding or makes you more likely to bleed, such as priapism or some forms of leukemia.

👍 Advantages and disadvantages


It is one of the less invasive methods to improve penis size (compared to surgery or unnecessary pills). It works on all types of penises. Its use is pleasant and not painful like the use of penis extenders.

Risks and side effects

An erection caused by a pump is not the same as a natural erection. The penis tends to turn purple, and may be colder and less sensitive than with a normal erection. Small spots or dark red markings may appear but usually disappear within a few days. If you have sex or masturbate immediately after using the pump, the ejaculation force may be slightly lower due to the ring's constriction of the base of the penis.

Buying the best penis pump

You can find penis pumps in different online marketplaces, sexshops and specialized stores. Make sure the pump has a pressure limiter that prevents the pressure from being too high and injuring your penis.

The best penis pumps contain a mechanism to remove pressure quickly when needed. Some inexpensive penile pumps can cause injury because they do not release pressure when necessary or release pressure too slowly.

How much do penis pumps cost?

You can find penis pumps at prices ranging from 35$-350$ depending on brand and quality. The cheapest pumps can be found in erotic shops. However, if you take penis enlargement seriously, you probably want to buy a quality pump which is a little more expensive but lasts longer. Manuals pumps are cheaper than automatic ones, but automatic pumps are faster and easier to use. Finally, in the highest quality range you will find Bathmate. Bathmate it is based on a new, innovative technology which makes the pump easier to use and more efficient thanks to water.

How does the Bathmate work? Does it really work?

Bathmate works by creating a vacuum around the penis just like any penis enlargement pump does. What is special about Bathmate? Bathmate found that the pump can work better with water.

How to Use Bathmate?

Bathmate is quite easy to use. You can use it in your shower. Simply fill it up with warm water and then insert your flaccid penis inside. Finally, in order to seal it, pull the pump to your body. Once it is sealed, you can begin your “pumping session”.

Bathmate benefits

  • Immediate and temporary results– After using it for 15 minutes, you can see gains in both length and girth. This temporary growth lasts for about 6-7 hours. It’s a good option if you’re planning to have sex because your penis will definitely look better.
  • Permanent results– The temporary results will transform into permanent results if you use the Bathmate, consistently in conjunction with penis exercises. Long term results might be:
  • 1-3 inches of increased penis length
  • 1-1.5 of increased penis thickness
  • A larger penis head
  • Straightened curves
  • Aid against erectile dysfunction


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