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Medical Disclaimer is an educational service that provides general health information.

1. The content of is not a substitute for direct or substitute professional medical care or a diagnosis. None of the plans mentioned in should be executed or used in any way without the permission of a physician, doctor, or health care professional. The information contained herein is not intended to provide specific physical or mental medical advice, or other advice and counsel, to any person or company, and should not be construed as such. We are not medical professionals and nothing on this website should be construed to the contrary.

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3. The facts and information are believed to be accurate as of the time they were published on All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. The products and services described herein are only offered in jurisdictions where they may be legally offered. The information provided is not exhaustive, is limited to available information, and such information should not be considered exhaustive or accurate.

4. You agree to hold, its owners, agents and employees harmless from any and all liability, including claims for damages or injury, including legal claims and costs, incurred by you or caused by you by third parties, arising out of the dietary plans and prescriptions discussed on the website, except for claims for gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing only.

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Disclaimer: This site, all of its publications, statements and statements are for informational purposes only and are based on the author's research, training, education and experience. The information made available to users on should not be taken as a diagnosis, treatment or cure of the disease or as professional medical advice, whether personal or remote. By entering and using this website you assume all risk and agree to all our Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site, Limitation of Liability, and any other policies that signify your use of the Site. Please note that the information and publications made on do not induce the use of miracle cures.

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