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My experience with ED Reverser PDF

Hi, my name is Romualdo, I'm originally from Perú and I'm 41 years old.

As a Bachelor's in Nursing Science and due to the amount of comments I have read regarding the ED Reverser PDF program, I have decided to tell my experience with it and how it trullly works, even though it may seem unfortunate to Max, the creator of the product. 😋

After reading my experience, you're free to decide for yourself.

As I told you, my name is Romualdo, I am 41 years old and I divorced when I was 31 years old. A couple of years ago, I met the woman who is currently my partner. She is a few years younger than me, so I knew from the beginning that I would have to pull out all the stops to keeping her satisfied.

As you can imagine, my erections used to last for only a few seconds, and that's if I managed to have an erection at all. Some days I couldn't even get it up. 😪

I am writing my experience to share in hopes that you find it useful and that it helps you to make an informed decision about ED Reverser.

“I need to feel you… deep inside me”

A few months ago, surprisingly, my penis stopped working. At the beginning my erecction were less and less firm, until one day I was just simple unable to have an erection at all.

My penis stopped responding, no matter how mentally excited I was at the time.

Of course it was very hard for me and my partner. With erectile dysfunction came the fear that Katherine, my girlfriend, would begin to see me as a sad old man unable to give her pleasure.

Katherine is a very sexual woman, and on the contrary, my penis was becoming unresponsive. I began to fear that Katherine would start looking for another man. One night, I felt excited and eager to make love to her again, but nevertheless, at the moment of penetration, it happened again. My penis got smaller and smaller and I lost my erection. Katherine stood beside me, hugged me and said in my ear:

“Romu, don't be angry, I need to feel you … deep inside me… I want us to be happy again.”

At that moment, I said, “I know babe, please, don't go on.” This started an argument.

Once everything calmed down, I understood that those words were also the alarm that I needed to solve my problem. There is no secret: to bind a woman's love she has to feel you totally and completely. She needs it.

🔎 My path to success

My first and ONLY MISTAKE: I started consulting doctors, buying all kinds of pills and treatments, even went to a spiritual retreat that promised the return of my virility… As you can imagine, I spent a lot of money and I saw no results. I stopped going out to dinner or buying Katherine's nice things for investing in my improvement. I was all futile and, by the way, I made my relationship worse. I was desperate and felt there was little time left before she made me “pack my bags“.


I started my own investigation.

After my first failure, I began to think: “Erectile dysfunction is a normal part of aging and I have to learn to live with it. It's normal that the older I get, the more stimulation I need to help wake up my penis, I'm not young anymore“.

Nothing could be further from REALITY. Although erectile dysfunction is more common among older men, that doesn't mean it's something you have to live with. Many men are able to have erections their entire lives, and there is no reason why you can't be one of them.

🍀 The solution for erectile dysfunction is only natural

I FOUND that according to historical studies conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, among men aged 50 to 64, approximately 33% suffer from ED and the figure increases to 44% between 65 and 85. But although erectile dysfunction is more common in older men, most of us suffer from unsatisfactory erectile dysfunction rather than true erectile dysfunction. We lose the ability to have erections only from sexual fantasies and when erections appear they occur more slowly and are not as firm.

Some men who experience problems intermittently prefer to have some treatment like Viagra to help them. But, according one study, the downside of using this kind of treatment for erectile dysfunction is that they have negative effects on confidence, and create a psychological dependence on these drugs.

That week, a friend of mine saved my life. He told me about a guide to get my manhood back that I could buy online – so that same day when I got home, I downloaded it. I must admit that I was still skeptical due to my first experience with pills, doctors and spiritual retreats. My assumptions couldn't be more wrong.

📒 What is ED Reverser?

Dr. Henry Chang

ED Reverser course is a natural method specifically designed to eliminate erectile dysfunction based on ancient Chinese alternative medicine and perfected over decades. It's a “Super Viagra”… except that it's totally natural, and the results are virtually instantaneous and automatic.

Max, its creator, was a man who went through the same situation as me and so many other men. The ghost of erectile dysfunction almost ruined his life, not to mention his pocket, which was devastated by so many expenditures on false methods. Fortunately, that day in the hospital, he saw a documentary about Genghis Khan and his unusual virility. After some time of research, the author met Dr. Henry Chang, a Chinese doctor specializing in erectile dysfunction who has been using alternative treatments to combat this disease for decades.

Dr. Chang told him about the secret ingredients men use in remote villages in China, where erectile dysfunction pills are not known, and where they live in a toxin-free environment.

However, the traditional formula, which worked for people in China, does not work on those of us who are exposed to pollution, processed food, toxic chemicals in water, pesticides… It has even been shown that the chemicals present in plastic bottles can reduce testosterone.

It was as a result of the compilation of ancient knowledge on virility and its adaptation to western man that ED Reverser technique was created.

With the help of Dr. Chang and with extensive research on oriental methods for erectile dysfunction, Max was able to develop the exact and effective method to fight this disease for the man in western world.

I have to admit, at first, I was a little skeptical too, because of the useless money I had already spent on pills, but I saw that I had a 60-day money back guarantee. That is, I had two full months to test it, take the secrets and use them immediately… And if I wasn't happy with the result, I just had to send an email within the next 60 days to ask for a refund.

IMPORTANT: Don't fall into traps or web sites that are trying to scam you. Make sure you are always visiting 👉 the Official ED Reverser website.

🔬 Does ED Reverser work?

After almost 3 weeks, I invited Katherine to dinner because I was already becoming financially stable. After lunch, I proposed she to come to my house. She was a little reluctant, but she accepted. I was terribly nervous, I wanted to please her more than anything. Once at home, I put on some music, we had wine and started kissing. She noticed it first that, against all odds… I had a huge and hard erection between my legs! 😛 It was wonderful!

Katherine couldn't believe it, but she left the questions for later. That night we had sex several times, and every time I left her ecstatic. I had waited so long to please her, so I took advantage of every second.

Best of all, I've been able to leave behind vacuum pumps, pills, hypnosis, surgeries, injections or any other dubious method that will only leave you with less money and terrible side effects… None of that is involved in the ED Reverser, because it's a natural treatment, based on ancient Chinese alternative medicine, perfected over decades.

It's been five months since Katherine and I made love all night, and things have  continued to improved Our sex life resembles that of two horny teenagers, excited to discover each other's bodies. Today I can only thank ED Reverser and its author. Without this guidance, none of this would be possible.


To be faithful to reality, you have to say the good and the bad, and the truth is that there are things that could be improved. Like for example:

  • The design of the e-book could be improved visually. I mean, it could be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is not a miracle method. It requires you to follow the guide step-by-step to get results.
  • Payment methods are very limited. They only accept cards and PayPal.


I can't explain the incredible feeling of freedom that ED Reverser brought out in me. Once I realized that it worked and that it was helping me get my sex life back on track, I felt a happiness I thought I had forgotten. I mean, could be better than…

  • Bringing back your manhood.
  • Eliminating your wife's excuses for not having sex.
  • Leaving behind the shame of not being able to satisfy her.
  • Not spending an extra penny on useless and dangerous methods.
  • Being able to have sex several times a day, with rock-hard erections.
  • Restoring your self-confidence.
  • Making your partner happy again and rekindling your relationship.
  • Making it clear that no one will please her more in bed than you.
  • No more worrying about infidelities or dissatisfaction with your wife.

I could go on indefinitely, but I think it's clear: There are thousands of benefits to using this guide. It is so effective, that the author guarantees your purchase with a six days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. However, I am sure this will not be necessary. The ED Reverser team hardly ever receives these requests. Currently, more than 150 cases of erectile dysfunction are being resolved daily. Yes, daily! And you could be one of them if you trust me and dare to try this manual.

How to Download ED Reverser e-Book?

Download ED Reversal HERE

⚖️ My final conclusion

ED Reverser meant a total change in my life, a complete before and after. I managed to put aside my nerves, feel secure in making love, regain my self-esteem and give her full pleasure in bed.

If he made this change with me, why wouldn't it work on you?

Let's be honest with ourselves, if we can manage to increase the firmness and duration of our erections, why not? You can be sure that security in your relationship will skyrocket and your wife or girlfriend will thank you. She'll be the first to feel your success and she'll be head over heels for you.

📚 Free Bonuses

In addition, with the acquisition of ED Reverser, you will also have access to three quick action bonuses. Three FREE BONUSES! These bonuses, along with my boosted erections, has been a bomb for my girlfriend. Just remembering the things we've been trying gives me an insatiable desire to leave this unfinished and jump on her.


Where to download ED Reverser + Free Bonuses?

Download ED Reverser + Free Bonuses Here

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Can I get Ed Reverser instantly?

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