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Is it possible to enlarge the penis naturally and quickly with exercises?

is it really possible to enlarge penis size naturally with exercises

Myth or reality? Is penis enlargement possible? Is it possible to lengthen your penis with exercises?

At the end of this article you will discover the scientific study and other penis enlargement facts that will erase all your of doubts.

But first, let me explain to you that the press, doctors or experts did not consider elongation exercises as a verified method until recently. Because of the large number of positive results and opinions, the press has begun to take notice while the experts are creating their own custom exercises. These exercises are considered a method to make it grow naturally and safely, unlike surgery.

Is it true that it is possible to enlarge your penis easily, naturally and quickly?  Let's find out!

Many people wonder if scientific tests and studies have proven that natural penis enlargement exercises work.

You already know that you can increase penis size with surgical operations, but that has an economic cost and involves risk.

You also know that you can’t enlarge your penis with pills permanently.

To date, there are few penis enlargement courses that provide an authentic method to lengthen and thicken the penis without the need for weights. This method uses only consistency and discipline.

Unfortunately, many other “experts” set out to sell fake methods just to earn a few dollars. Their cookiecutter methods are useless, because no matter how much they try to emulate real experts, they do not know anything about effective exercises to lengthen and thicken the penis.

For these reasons, I did my own research; I downloaded some of the available programs and concluded that there are only three stretching exercises that work to grow the penis. All other exercises are useless variations. Remember that to stop having a small penis requires discipline and constancy.

Does penis stretching work?

I want to bring to your attention an interesting study of which I will highlight a few paragraphs. The author who, as early as 1976,  defended that it is possible to naturally lengthen the penis naturally was Dr. Brian Alfred Richards. Based on the ” Chartham Method“, created by Dr. Robert Chartham, sexologist and author of several books, including Advice to Men and Sex Manners for Men.

Dr. Brian Alfred Richards was a specialist doctor in the discipline of sexology; in particular researching the cure and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many doctors would send him patients to help improve the patients erections. For many years Dr. Richards taught at many hospitals and universities. He wrote more than 100 articles on sexual medicine and was a member of the British Journal of Sexual Medicine (a prestigious medical journal read almost exclusively by medical professionals).

The first time Dr. Richards heard of the “Chartham Method” was when one of his patients mentioned that there was a method of penis enlargement that was providing results. Some years later, he mail-ordered this method in the course of an investigation on different sexual dysfunctions. In mid-1975, the doctor was invited by a number of colleagues interested in the field of sexual medicine to test the “Chartham Method”. Dr. Richards agreed to carry out the test thinking that it would be useful for the scientific community. He did not receive any money in return.

Penis enlargement facts:The scientific study

is possible to enlarge the penis naturally scientific study

For the study, he randomly chose 64 men. 32 of them would use the “Chartham Method” and 32 of them would be the control group. Eventually, the doctor would exclude two men whose personal conditions might cause confusion. None of the participants in the study had an underdeveloped penis or micropenis.

The study lasted approximately 3 months. It began with the measurement of the penises of the participants at their maximum state of erection. The measurements were taken with a metal ruler. The ruler was placed on the pubic bone of the participants, pressing firmly.

To measure the thickness a flexible metal tape located approximately two centimetres from the base of the glans was used. The same measurement techniques were used on all participants to reduce the possibility of errors.

After the initial measurements, the men were taught the “Chartham Method” and were told to put it into practice. Thereafter, penis measurements would be performed weekly. Of the 30 men performing the exercises (remember that 2 were removed at the beginning) 28 of them enlarged their penis between 0.95 and 1.4 inches in length and between 0.55 and 1.22 inches in thickness. No significant change was observed in the 32 subjects in the control group. The success of the method therefore took place in 87.5% of the participants.

In the opinion of Dr. Richards, the study was carried out following all standards set by the scientific community, and was accepted for publication in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The explanation of the observed results regarding the size of the penis was the tissue spaces of the penis had grown due to the intense application of the methods of Dr. Chartham during 3 months; the expansion allowed the penis to accommodate a greater amount of blood during erection.

In Dr. Richards's view the method would allow a high percentage of men to enlarge their member's dimensions; and to their satisfaction it was now an effective and scientifically evaluated method. In addition, in Dr.Richard's view, the method incorporates significant new principles in relation to other techniques and products aimed at increasing size.

For the curious, the “Chartham Method” consisted of four fundamental elements:

  • A series of exercises involving the lower abdominal wall, buttocks and pelvic muscles.
  • The application of hot compresses on the penis.
  • The massages on the penis.
  • Use of a vacuum pump.

Next time you catch yourself wondering “can penis size be increased?” (or can you really make your dick bigger??) remember what you just learned here today.


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